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LOCATION AND CLIMATE OF THE ISLAND OF VIS                               

Location and climate of the island of Vis



The island of Vis belongs to the Adriatic type of the Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. The avarage annual temperature is 16 degrees C. The avarage summer temperature is one or two degrees lower on the island than on the continent, while during winter it is for one or two degrees higher. The avarage annual precipitation is about 800 mm at a square metre, a little bit less than on the surrounding islands and the continent. But owing to its geological structure, this island has more water springs than the neighbouring islands.


The Island of Vis is the southernmost and farthest bigger island in the group of Middle-Dalmatian islands. It is 45 km distant from the continent. The area of the island itself occupies 90,3 square km while the area of the complete Vis archipelago ( including the islands of Palagruža, Biševo, Sv. Andrija (St. Andrew), Budikovac, Jabuka, Brusnik and others) about 103 square kilometres. The length of the coastline of the island of Vis is 77 square km.







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